Wat Rakhang



Wat Rakhang

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Wat Rakhang was the last major temple to be constructed by Rama I in the early 19th century. The fine murals in the main wihan, which were painted between 1922 and 1923 by a monk Phra Wanawatwichit, include recognizable scenes of Bangkok. Though the capital has changed much since then, the Grand Palace, which stands just across the river from Wat Rakhang, is easy to identify. In the murals, the palace is shown in the middle of an imaginary attack. There is also an elaborate depiction of a royal barge procession.

The raised wooden library (ho trai) of Wat Rakhang, in the west of the compound, was used as a residence by Rama I before he became king. The building’s eave supports, delicately carved bookcases, and gold and black doors are period masterpieces. Inside the library are murals depicting scenes from the Ramakien and a portrait of Rama I.

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