Wat Prayun



Wat Prayun

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The unusual artificial hill at the entrance to this temple was created on a whim of Rama III. While reading by candlelight, the king observed the interesting wax formation of the melting candle. He then asked one of his courtiers, Prayun Bunnag, to create a hill in the same shape. The hill is dotted with bizarre shrines, miniature chedis, prangs, grottoes, and tiny temples, but is perhaps most memorable for its ornamental pond, filled with hundreds of turtles. Devotees buy the turtles nearby and then release them into the pond. This act of setting free confined creatures (more commonly releasing caged birds) is a way of gaining merit for future lives.

The temple bot is punctuated with doors and window shutters decorated with mother-of-pearl. The large chedi has a circular cloister that is surmounted by smaller chedis.

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