Wat Indrawihan



Wat Indrawihan

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You cannot miss the reason for Wat Indrawihan’s fame: an impressive 105-ft (32-m) standing Buddha. The statue was commissioned in the mid- 19th century by King Mongkut (Rama IV) to enshrine a relic of the Buddha from Sri Lanka. (Relics such as fragments of bone and hair are housed in countless Buddhist monuments worldwide.) While admittedly not the most beautiful of Buddha images because of its rather flattened features, it stands out attractively against the sky. Its enormous toes make a bizarre altar for the many offerings presented, including garlands of flowers. Inside the bot of Wat In (a popular abbreviation for the temple) are hundreds of Bencharong (fivecolor) funerary urns. Traditional-style, modern murals can also be seen inside the bot. In another, smaller building, “lucky” water is sold in plastic bags.

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