Trang’s Andaman Islands

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Tourist development has barely touched the 50 or so small islands off the coast of Trang province. Their stunning sands, pristine corals, and rich bird and marine life remain the preserve of a handful of solitude seekers.

Forested Ko Hai, or Ko Ngai, is the island most easily reached from Pak Meng on the mainland and offers the widest choice of accommodation. There are wonderful beaches, particularly on the east coast, and magnificent coral offshore.

Ko Muk, 5 miles (8 km) southeast of Ko Hai, is best known for Tham Morakhot (“emerald cave”) on its west coast. A long limestone tunnel leads from the sea to an inl and beach surrounded by vegetation-clad cliffs. It can be entered only by boat at low tide.

Arguably the most beautiful and remotest of Trang’s Andaman islands, Ko Kradan offers white sand beaches and good snorkeling.

Farther south and close to the mainland, Ko Libong is the largest of the islands. It is famed for its spectacular birdlife, which is at its best during March and April

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