Thon Buri

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known originally as Ban kok (“village of the wild plum”), Thon Buri was the capital of Thailand for 15 years between 1767 and 1782. When Rama I moved his capital across the river its original name followed, and, though Thais refer to the capital as krung Thep, it remains known as Bangkok to foreigners. Thon Buri wasn’t linked by bridge to Bangkok until 1932 and was officially incorporated into the city only in 1971. Today this area preserves a distinct identity, offering a sleepier version of Bangkok proper. The best way to explore Thon Buri is by boat. Meandering down the intricate network of canals, the visitor sees scenes of river life – stilt houses, small temples, mansions, and floating shops. on khlong Bangkok noi is the Royal Barge Museum with its lavishly decorated boats. Farther south there are some interesting riverside wats along the Chao Phraya River, the most prominent and famous of which is Wat arun.

Sights at a Glance

Wats and Churches
Wat Suwannaram
Wat Rakhang
Wat Arun
Wat Kanlayanimit

Church of Santa Cruz
Wat Prayun
Royal Barge Museum
Museums at the Siriraj Hospital

Taksin Monument



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