The Golden Triangle Apex (Sop Ruak)



The Golden Triangle Apex (Sop Ruak)

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The apex of the Golden Triangle is the point at which the borders of Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and Laos meet. The junction, at a bend in the Mekong River, is near the village of Sop Ruak. Historically, the “Golden Triangle” referred to a much wider region – the area of Northern Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos in which opium was produced. Nowadays, though, the term refers to a much smaller area and is associated with Sop Ruak village.

Sop Ruak, eager to take advantage of its location, is growing rapidly as a tourist spot, as evidenced by its many shops, restaurants, and hotels. A museum, the House of Opium, displays artifacts relating to opium production. It details a battle between the KMT army and the now-deposed opium lord, Khun Sa, over control of the local opium trade. The battle, which established the notoriety of the Golden Triangle, took place in 1967.

But the area’s main attraction is the Mekong. Boat trips give views of Laos and of the Golden Triangle Paradise Resort. The resort and casino were built in Myanmar, as gambling is illegal in Thailand.

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