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Thale Noi Waterfowl Park

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The largest wetland bird sanctuary in Thailand, this park serves as a resting and feeding ground for thousands of exotic migratory birds flying to Sumatra and Australia to escape winter in Siberia and China. The best way to explore the watery preserve, covering 12 sq miles (30 sq km), is by long-tail boat, which can be hired from Phatthalung for a two-hour round trip.

Thale Noi has the appearance of a swamp, but it is predominantly a freshwater lake, with a depth of up to 5 ft (1.5 m). Only in periods of high southerly winds does the lake become brackish, when saltier water from Thale Luang and Songkhla Lake to the south is pushed northward. Dawn is the best time for bird-watching, especially between the months of January and April. Many of the 150 or so species of birds who visit the park arrive during this time, swelling its population to as much as 100,000. In May the population begins to shrink, and from October to December there are only small numbers of native species left. A viewing platform in the lake is the ideal place for bird-watching. Among the birds here are the purple swamp hen, bronze-winged jaćana, whistling teal, white[1]throated kingfisher, the long[1]legged nok i-kong, and the white ibis and gray heron. One of the major forms of vegetation in the park is don kok, a reed which the nok i-kong use to build “platforms”. Around 100 families live along the shores of Thale Noi, mostly in raised wooden houses. They make a living from fishing and by weaving bulrush reeds into mats.

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