Thai Fruits and Vegetables



Thai Fruits and Vegetables

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Thailand’s climate and soil conditions are conducive to the cultivation of a huge variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Well-known tropical fruits, including papaya, watermelon, mango, and pineapple, are unmistakable, but the orchards and farms of Thailand also offer a wealth of produce that may be less familiar to many visitors. Among the not-to-be-missed treats are the mangosteen, the grapefruitlike pomelo, the much-prized durian, and the sweet-fleshed, hairy rambutan. Thai fruits are sold sliced as snacks by street vendors everywhere, and the full range of fresh produce can be seen at most markets.

Longans have a transparent, succulent flesh around a smooth pit.

Mangoes can be eaten unripe and sour (green) or ripe and sweet (yellow).

Mangosteens are a favorite with Thais. Their tasty flesh has a melt-in-themouth texture.

Durians are the king of Thai fruit. The pungent smell and flavor are an acquired taste.

Guavas, crisp and sour fruits, are best enjoyed with a sweet chili dip or as a refreshing juice.

Jackfruits, similar in appearance to durians, only larger, have a sticky flesh with a tangy flavor

Thai vegetables include several types of makhua (the tomato and eggplant family). Gourds and eggplant are frequently used in curries.

Thai cuisine makes liberal use of chilies, galingal, tamarind, and lemon grass to flavor dishes, balancing spiciness with coconut milk and sugar. Cilantro and scallions are popular garnishes.

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