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The village of Soppong (sometimes called Pang Mapha on local maps) is perched 2,200 ft (700 m) up in the mountains. With its fine views, surrounding teak forests, and air of tranquility, Soppong is becoming an increasingly popular resort. Many trekkers pass through here on the way to visit local hill-tribe villages populated by Lisu and Shan (a minority originally from Myanmar). The village itself has a thriving market where local tribespeople congregate daily.


Tham Lot, north of Soppong, is one of the largest cave systems in Southeast Asia. The three adjoining caverns form a vast subterranean canyon, which is cut through by a large stream. The distinctive stalactites and stalagmites are especially impressive. The discovery of artifacts and huge carved teak coffins indicates that the caves were inhabited thousands of years ago. Visitors may cross the stream by raft or by elephant. Guided visits can be arranged at local guesthouses.

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