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Si Racha

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Famed for its seafood and its spicy Si Racha sauce (sauce phrik si racha) – Thailand’s answer to Tabasco – this small seaside town is the launching point for trips to Ko Sichang. Running off busy Jermjompol Road, Si Racha’s main waterfront street, are several tentacle-like piers. At the end of the piers are breezy, open-air restaurants ideal for sampling the local delicacies: oysters (hoi nang rom) or mussels (hoi thot) dipped in Si Racha sauce. On a rocky promontory, which is also an occasional ferry pier, is Ko Loi, a Thai-Chinese Buddhist temple.

Just 6 miles (10 km) south of town is the Si Racha Tiger Zoo, with probably the world’s largest collection of these big cats. The streets of Si Racha (and Ko Sichang) resonate to the sound of spluttering motorcycle taxis. They are unique to the area – their sidecars are positioned at the rear

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