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Seafood of the South

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One of the greatest culinary treats Thailand provides is the abundant fresh seafood of the South. Throughout the year, a wide range of fish, crabs, lobsters, mussels, shrimp, mollusks, and squid are available along both the Gulf of Thailand and An daman Sea coasts. Although flash-frozen and container-freighted seafood is available all over the country today, it is hard to beat the flavor of a freshly caught fish, simply cooked and served up whole on a plate by the shore. Nor does it have to be expensive: for every five-star restaurant offering lobster bisque there are half a dozen street cafés serving an enormous range of seafood cooked in an amazing variety of styles.

Hoi nang rom sot, a simple Thai hors d’oeuvre of fresh oysters, is served out of the shell with slices of zesty lime.

Charamet fish, prized for its succulent, soft flesh, is cooked here in sweet plum sauce (neung buay), accompanied by ginger, lemon grass, and chili peppers.

Thot man kung (deep fried shrimp cakes) are served with a sweet sauce dip. This is a favorite dish with those who don’t like very spicy food

Kung mangkon phat phrik phao (barbecued lobster with chili sauce) is particularly popular around Phuket, where lobsters abound. Barbecued Seafood Barbecued seafood, known as thale phao, is popular with both Thais and foreign visitors. Diners make their selection of freshly caught fish and shellfish displayed on banks of crushed ice. Pricing is usually by weight.

Meuk op sos noei (squid baked in butter sauce) is decorated with exquisitely carved vegetable “flowers” and “leaves.” Garnishes of this type accompany many Thai dishes and are generally not eaten

Phanaeng kung makheuathet is a creamy, fragrant dish of tomatoes stuffed with a shrimp and coconut milk curry. It is a specialty of Hat Yai and Phuket

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