San Kamphaeng



San Kamphaeng

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This village, with its old, wooden buildings and narrow streets, is renowned for its silk and handicraft products. There are many factories here selling good-quality silk, teak furniture, silverware, lacquerware, jade, or celadon. Prices can be high, though bargaining often reduces the cost significantly. An interesting feature of most of the silk factories are their exhibits of the silk-making process. The whole procedure is shown, from silk moths, through the unraveling of the cocoons, to the weaving of dyed silk thread on traditional wooden looms.


To the east of San Kamphaeng, just past the village of Mu Song, are the caves of Tam Muang On, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Farther east are the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, offering therapeutic baths in hot mineral water. Here, geysers spurt to incredible heights.

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