Royal Bangkok Sports Club

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Considered to be Thailand’s most exclusive social institution, the RBSC has a waiting list to prove it. It offers a wide range of sports to its members – including rugby, soccer, and field hockey – who form some of the top Thai teams in these sports. Nonmembers may enter to watch horse races at the club, one of Thailand’s two principal race courses; the other is the Royal Turf Club on Phitsanulok Road.

Gambling is virtually a national institution in Thailand, and the RBSC gives Bangkokians the perfect opportunity to indulge in one of their favorite pastimes. On race days, thousands of bettors from all social classes flock to the track. As the start of the race draws near, betting becomes furious, and huge electronic screens track the odds on each horse and the total money wagered. Visitors are welcome to join in, and should watch the screens for clues as to which horse to bet on; you may have to ask for help to fill out one of the Thailanguage betting slips.

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