River Kwai

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Kanchanaburi Province is perhaps best known as the setting for dramatic and tragic events centred around the World War 2 occupation of Thailand by the Japanese. However, this lush province offers much more than this.

TUI will take you by long-tailed boat into the wild upper reaches of the Kwai Noi River, where we spend a night on the river itself, surrounded by forested hills. We walk the trails of the beautiful Erawan Falls National Park, where you can stop for a swim in the turquoise waters surrounded by curious tropical fish.

No Kanchanaburi visit is complete without a visit to the moving Hellfire Pass, where the infamous ‘Death Railway’ carved its most treacherous course. We tour the moving museum and memorial to the tens of thousands of POWs and forced labourers who died in the Railway’s construction, and take the rustic local train along a stretch of the original route. Our ride ends at the historic ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’.

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