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Rayong is a busy and prosperous fishing town best known as a starting point for trips to the nearby island of Ko Samet. The main attractions lie outside the town. For good beaches, head 16 miles (25 km) southeast to Ban Phe. A 12-mile (20-km) coast road winds along from here to Laem Mae Phim. From Ban Phe there are boats to Ko Samet . Ferries also run to nearby Ko Saket, Ko Man Nok and Ko Man Klang – the latter two islands are part of the Laem Ya-Mu Ko Samet National Park. The park authorities have managed to limit excessive development here, although jet-skiing is gradually eroding the coral reef.

Three miles (5 km) past Ban Phe is the beach park of Suan Son (“pine park”). This has crystal-white sand beaches and is a popular picnic area for Thais. It offers seafood snacks and homegrown water sports such as wave riding on inner tubes.

Rayong province is known for its succulent fruit, particularly the pineapple and durian , and its nam pla (fish sauce) and nam phrik kapi (shrimp paste).

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