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Ranong was originally settled in the late 18th century by Hokkien Chinese who were hired to work as laborers in the region’s tin mines. The area grew rich, and Ranong is now a major border town. From here Thai nationals may travel to Victoria Point in Myanmar (Burma) on a half- or full-day boat trip. Referred to as Kaw Thaung by the Burmese, the town is well known for bargain duty-free goods and handicrafts. Officially, foreigners may not go to Victoria Point without a visa, but this is not always enforced.

In Ranong, the natural hot springs are the main attraction. They rise beside the Khlong Hat Sompen River at Wat Tapotaram, 1,100 yds (1 km) east of the town center, and are channeled into three concretetubs called Mother, Father, and Child. At an average temperature of 150° F (65° C), the water is too hot for bathing. A short walk down the river, the Jansom Thara Spa Resort Hotel has tapped and cooled the water to 110° F (42° C). Those not staying at the hotel can use the spa for a nominal fee.

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