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Prasat Ta Muen and Prasat Ta Muen Tot

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In the district of Ta Muen, in Surin province, the remains of two Khmer prasats stand 330 ft (100 m) apart. One, Prasat Ta Muen, is a laterite chapel marking what would once have been a resting place on the long, arduous road between Angkor and Prasat Hin Phimai . The other, Prasat Ta Muen Tot, is more decayed and was originally a hospital to care for travelers along this route. Both were built by King Jayavarman VII (1181–1220). Although both prasats are today largely in ruins, with their brickwork gripped and overrun by the roots of towering fig trees, they are potent reminders of the powerful Khmer Empire that once held sway over the Khorat Plateau. Because of their location along the rather dangerous Cambodian border, Ta Muen and Ta Muen Tot are best seen as part of a tour organized by one of the guesthouses in Surin, and may require a military escort. They are not easily accessible to lone tourists and cannot be visited at times of disputes and skirmishes between the various rival factions in the area

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