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Phu Rua National Park

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Phu Rua or “boat mountain” gets its name from its peak, which is shaped like a junk. It stands some 4,500 ft (1,365 m) above sea level and offers spectacular views of the town of Loei to the south and toward Laos. A modern Buddha image sits looking out over the plains in contemplation of their beauty. It is possible to drive to the summit of Phu Rua, passing several bizarre rock formations on the way. The most remarkable is Hin Ta or “tortoise rock,” with two huge sandstone boulders stacked one on top of the other, surmounted by a third, giving the structure the appearance of a giant mushroom. For the traveler with time to explore the 47 sq miles (121 sq km) of this national park, a number of marked trails lead through a beautiful landscape of meadows, rock gardens, and pine and evergreen forests. Views across the surrounding lowlands can be seen from Phu Kut and the cliffs of Pha Lon Noi, Pha Dong Tham San, Pha Yat, and Pha Sap Thong. There are also several waterfalls located around the park, namely Huai Phai, Huai Ta Wat, and Lan Hin Taek. Animals at Phu Rua National Park include barking deer, wild pigs, a wide variety of birds, including pheasant, and the rare tao puru, or Siamese bigheaded turtle. Phu Rua is also famed for being one of the coolest areas of Thailand, with a record low temperature of 25° F (-4° C) having been recorded here in 1981.

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