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Phu Phrabat Historical Par

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The distinctive sandstone formations that are the central attraction of this historical park cannot fail to leave their imprint on the imagination. The local population has shrouded the site in many fantastic myths and legends. According to one of these, Princess Ussa was sent to Phu Phrabat by her father to study. However, she fell in love with Prince Barot. Outraged, her father challenged the prince to a temple-building duel, but lost. A huge sandstone slab in the park, known as Kok Ma Thao Barot, is supposedly Prince Barot’s stable. The mushroom-shaped Ho Nang Ussa apparently represents Princess Ussa’s residence, where she pined away many long years in exile. The 6,000-year-old human history of this site is testified to by cave paintings found on the underside of two natural rock shelters, known locally as Tham Wua and Tham Khon or “ox cave” and “people cave.”

At the entrance to the historical park stands a crude rep lica of Wat Phra That Phanom; the Wat Phraphutthabat Bua Bok houses the Bua Bok Buddha Footprint and is an important pilgrimage site for local Thais.

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