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Phangnga Bay

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No one area epitomizes the splendor of the South’s landscape as succinctly as 155-sq mile (400-sq km) Phangnga Bay. Its scenic grandeur derives from towering limestone stacks rising sheer from calm, shallow waters up to 1,150 ft (350 m) high. Inside many of the 40-odd stacks are narrow tunnels and sea caves. Inland, too, this coastal area boasts majestic, scrub-clad pinnacles. Phangnga is, in fact, the most spectacular remnant of the once mighty Tenasserim Mountains, which still form a spine through Thailand to China.

Cross Section of Typical Stacks in Phangnga Bay

The limestone landscape at Phangnga Bay is known by geologists as drowned karstland. Karst is characterized by its internal drainage system, whereby water finds its way into the interior of the limestone through fissures, then erodes the rock from within. A riddle of tunnels is typical; chasms and vast sea chambers (hongs) are also common at Phangnga

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