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Like many towns in Northern Thailand, Ngao’s historical association with the teak trade is evident in its buildings. The suspension bridge over the Yom River offers wonderful views of the town, with its teak houses on stilts backing onto the fertile river valley.

Ngao’s principal temple is Wat Dok Ban, on the east side of town. It is distinctive for its wall surrounded by about 100 kneeling angel figures of different colors.


Mae Yom National Park, northeast of Ngao, is centered on the Yom River, one of Northern Thailand’s main waterways. More than 50 species of birds have been observed in the park, as well as many mammals, including the serow (a type of antelope), pangolin (scaly anteater), wild pigs, and barking deer. Within the park is the Dong Sak Ngan Forest, notable for its tall teak trees. The forest can be reached only on foot.

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