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Nakhon Phanom

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Nakhon Phanom – “city of hills” – is a good town in which to spend a few relaxing days by the Mekong. In the dry season a beach by the river, Hat Sai Tai Muang, becomes exposed, and it is possible to walk out almost as far as Laos. However, this town cannot be used as a place to procure a visa for, or as an entry point into, Laos.

To celebrate the end of the rains, during the night of the full moon in the 11th lunar month, there is a resplendent procession of illuminated boats on the river here. Measuring some 33 ft (10 m) in length, the boats are traditionally crafted from bamboo or ban ana trees. They are filled with lighted candles, incense, kerosene lamps, and offerings of fragrant flowers and candies.

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