Mangrove Forests



Mangrove Forests

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Mangrove forests develop only in the tropics, in brackish and saltwater areas of estuaries. in thailand they are found in pockets of the south, particularly at Phangnga Bay. Mangrove species are the only trees to have adapted to the inhospitable conditions of these muddy, intertidal zones. the forests typically cover networks of channels and levees created from the buildup of silt that becomes trapped in the cagelike root systems of the trees. though often dismissed as wasteland, in its natural state a mangrove forest is a vital ecosystem – a fertile spawning, nursing, feeding, and sheltering ground for crustaceans, fish, birds, snakes, and even mammals. “Primary” mangrove grows to over 80 ft (25 m) high. Most mangrove in thailand is “secondary,” meaning it has been cut by humans and reaches only 16–33 ft (5–10 m).

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