Maha Uma Devi Temple



Maha Uma Devi Temple

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Tamils founded this colorful Hindu temple during the 1860s. They were part of an influx of Indians who decided to move to Bangkok when India was handed over to the British Crown in 1858.

The main temple building is topped by a gold-plated copper dome above a 20-ft (6-m) high façade depicting various Hindu gods. Always buzzing with activity, and often with live Indian music, the temple is also the focus for Deepavali (Festival of Lights) celebrations in November. An oil-lamp ritual is held most days at noon, and on Fridays at 11:30am there is a prasada (vegetarian ceremony), in which blessed food is distributed to devotees. Although some Thais might call the temple Wat Khaek (“Indians’ temple”), a common cultural heritage means that many local Thais and Chinese also regularly worship here. The Hindu deities Shiva and Ganesh feature in Thai Buddhism, and Hindus regard the Buddha as one of the incarnations of Vishnu.

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