Mae Sariang



Mae Sariang

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Mae Sariang is a pleasant town on the Yuam River. The area has historical links with nearby Myanmar, a fact that is reflected in Mae Sariang’s architecture and by its large community of Myanmar Muslims. People of the Karen hill tribe – the area’s main ethnic group – can be seen in the central market

Two temples near the bus station have Myanmar features: multilayered roofs and vivid orange and yellow exterior ornamentation. Wat Chong Sung (also called Wat Uthayarom) was built in 1896, while Wat Si Bunruang dates from 1939.


The area around Mae Sariang is mountainous and forested, with many winding roads. Organized trips by boat or songthaew (which can be arranged in town) make the 30 mile (45-km) journey from Mae Sariang to Mae Sam Laep, a Karen settlement on the Myanmar border next to the Salawin River. This river was once infamous for drug running and gem smuggling. Today, Mae Sam Laep is a staging post for the (mostly illegal) teak log trade. Political troubles in Myanmar have made this area a zone for refugees, though some Myanmar minorities, such as the Lawa, have lived here longer than Thais.

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