Mae Sai



Mae Sai

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The northernmost town in Thailand, Mae Sai is separated from Myanmar (Burma) only by a bridge. The town bustles with traders from the neighboring country who come here to sell their wares. Among the handicrafts are lacquerware, gems, and jade items, mostly made in Myanmar. Though the town itself is nondescript, there are good views over the Sai River to Myanmar. Wat Phra That Doi Wao also has a good vista.


To visit the town of Tachilek, in Myanmar, visitors have to exit Thailand at the border bridge in Mae Sai. Mynamar Immigration charges a 500-baht fee for a temporary visa that allows a 24-hour stay. Most people simply look around the market and return to Mae Sai. Beware of buying counterfeit goods such as DVDs, CDs, and mobile phones in Tachilek, since Thai customs may confiscate them

South of Mae Sai is Tham Luang, a large cave complex with crystals that change color in the light. Farther south are more caves, Tham Pum and Tham Pla, with lakes inside.

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