Khlong Lan National Park



Khlong Lan National Park

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This 116-sq mile (300-sq km) national park was formed in 1982. Formerly, the area was controlled by Communist insurgents, and inhabited by a number of hill tribes. Initially, the tribes lived within the park but were later relocated because they were regarded as a threat to the wildlife, which includes gaur, tiger, and the Asiatic black bear.

The highlight of the park is the Khlong Lan waterfall, which is easily accessible from the park headquarters. It falls 310 ft (95 m) into a pool ideal for a refreshing swim. At the foot of the road leading up to the waterfall is a small market selling Hmong handicrafts – a government rehabilitation scheme for the hill tribes relocated from the park.

The adjacent Mae Wong National Park is good for hiking and bird-watching. A tiger conservation project run by the WWF ( is also located here. Until the late 1980s it was populated by Hmong, who have also been relocated. The number of birds and mammals is steadily increasing. An old road running through the center of the park, now overgrown, makes a good hiking trail. Simple bungalow accommodation is also available.

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