Exploring the Outer Sights

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Along a low ridge of hills, around 2 miles (3.5 km) west of the ramparted royal city is another string of ruins that form part of the Sukhothai Historical Park. Most important of these is Wat Saphan Hin, where a 41-ft (12.5-m) high Buddha image, Phra Attharot, similar to the Buddha images of the same name at Wat Mahathat, stands on a low summit. There is another large image, similar to Phra Attharot, at Wat Phra Yun, though the head and hands are missing.

Closer to the west city wall is Wat Pa Mamuang, of archeological importance for the inscriptions discovered here relating to King Lo Thai.

To the south are the ruins of Wat Chetuphon, where a mondop contains the remains of four Buddha images; two are in good condition, but of the other two, one is missing below the waist and the other has virtually disappeared. At Wat Chedi Si Hong, the base of the laterite brick chedi is lined with elephants and divinities.

Beyond the southern edge of the Historical Park loom the hills of Ramkamhaeng Nat ional Park. Covering 133 sq miles (342 sq km), this is home to serow, gaur, and wild pig.

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