Erawan National Park



Erawan National Park

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In the lush forest of the Erawan National Park, the nearest park to Kanchanaburi and measuring 210 sq miles (550 sq km), are the beautiful Erawan falls, which drop through a series of cascades and shady rock pools. While park rangers still find occasional tiger prints, visitors are more likely to see pig-tailed and rhesus macaques, and some 80 bird species. The Visitors’ Center offers a slide show about the park, and there is a pleasant, 1-mile (2-km) hiking trail which climbs up beside the falls. This is one of Thailand’s most popular national parks, and at weekends and holidays it gets very crowded. The large limestone cavern of Tham Wang Badan, situated on the west side of the park, contains many colorful stalactites and stalagmites.


The Huai Khamin falls, which are in nearby Si Nakharin National Park, do not receive as many visitors as the Era wan falls but, are nonetheless quite impressive. Visitors can make boat trips onto the Si Nakharin reservoir, either from the Kra dan pier or from Si Sawat, a small market town situated on the eastern shore of the reservoir.

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