Dusit’s Christian Churches



Dusit’s Christian Churches

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By the bank of the Chao Phraya River, just south of Ratchawithi Road, is a small group of Christian churches.

The first of these, St. Francis Xavier Church, is near Krung Thon Bridge. Built in the early 1850s, it is notable for the statue of the saint atop its triple-arched portico frontage. Among its congregation are members of the local Vietnamese Catholic community, who settled here in 1934.

Just south is the smaller Church of the Immaculate Conception. It was originally constructed in 1674, during King Narai’s reign, by Father Louis Laneau for the early Portuguese community. It was then rebuilt in 1847 by French missionaries, and within its grounds is a smaller church known as Wat Noi. Some Cambodian refugees settled here in the late 17th century and still live in the parish. They take part in religious festivals here, hence the church’s nickname, the Cambodian Church.

Wat Noi houses the Wat Mae Phrae Museum (no set opening times), which contains a statue of the Virgin Mary. The statue is venerated in an annual ceremony held each October.

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