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Dusit Park

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This magnificent park is the major attraction of the Dusit area. King Chulalongkorn (ruled 1868–1910), the first Thai sovereign to visit Europe, was determined to Westernize Bangkok, and the manicured gardens, genteel architecture, and teak mansions in Dusit Park all bear testimony to his efforts. Highlights include Vimanmek Mansion – the world’s largest golden teak building – and the graceful Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall, which houses the SUPPORT Museum of traditional arts and crafts. A visit to the park and the neighboring zoocan easily occupy a whole day.

King Bhumibol’s Photographic Museums

Most of the photographs in these museums were taken by King Bhumibol, an avid photographer. The royal family features in many.

Royal Paraphernalia Museum

Photographs and paintings of regal figures from the Chakri dynasty, such as this portrait of Maha Uparaja Bovornvijaya Jarn, the deputy king to King Rama V, can be seen in this museum.

Antique Textile Exhibition Hall

This small collection includes a range of fabrics favored by the court of King Rama V, such as satin. There are also displays of the different types of Thai silk from all over Thailand.

Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall

This hall is a fancifully ornamented white edifice. The major attraction inside is the SUPPORT Museum, with its collection of traditional, crafted artifacts, such as works using the exquisitely colored wings of jewel beetles.

Lakeside Pavilion

An elegant pavilion behind Vimanmek Palace affords a pleasant view across the lake to some particularly fine traditional Thai teak houses. The farther bank is, however, closed to visitors.

Vimanmek Mansion

More like a Victorian mansion than a Thai palace, this three-storied, golden teak structure was built using wooden pegs instead of nails. The palace is full of intriguing artifacts.

Old Clock Museum

This museum houses the collection of clocks acquired by Kings Rama V and Rama IX on their trips to Europe. It includes timepieces of European, American, and Japanese origin.

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