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Doi Suthep

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Doi Suthep is a much-visited, thickly forested mountain in the twinpeaked doi Suthep-doi Pui national Park. near its 5,250-ft (1,601-m) summit is Wat Phra that doi Suthep, one of the most revered Buddhist shrines in northern thailand. the mountain is also popular with birdwatchers and trekkers. From Chiang Mai, a paved road snakes up the hillside to a village with restaurants and souvenir shops. From here, there is a choice of a steep climb or the funicular to the wat. Minor attractions on doi Suthep include waterfalls, a hmong village, and, farther along the road, the english-style gardens of Phuping Palace.

Central Chedi

This striking goldplated Lanna structure is a 16th-century extension of the original. The four multitiered gold umbrellas around it, onto which pilgrims apply gold leaf, are adorned with intricate filigree.

Wat Doi Suthep

Enshrining sacred relics, the wat at the top of Doi Suthep, founded in the 14th century, is regarded by many as the symbol of Lanna Thailand.

Panoramic Views

From the edge of the temple complex there are breathtaking views of the forests of Doi Suthep- Doi Pui National Park and of Chiang Mai city, situated to the southeast.

Wildlife Around Wat Doi Suthep

With its rich and varied wildlife, Doi Suthep-Doi Pui National Park is a great attraction for nature lovers. Despite the deforestation of the western side of the park due to agriculture and the building of tourist accommodations, the park is rich in plants, butterflies, and birds such as the green cochoa. Though people have killed or driven out many indigenous mammals, 60 species still live here, including the Burmese ferret badger.


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