Doi Phu Kha National Park



Doi Phu Kha National Park

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Ranged around the 6,550-ft (2,000-m) peak of Doi Phu Kha, this is one of the youngest national parks in Thailand. For years, the area was widely considered a hotbed of Communist infiltration. Some of the hilltribe villagers here were suspected of sympathizing with the Communists and were kept isolated from visitors. Tourism in the park is therefore still in its infancy. Doi Phu Kha has two main attractions, the most obvious being its beautiful scenery, such as caves and waterfalls.

The visitors’ center provides information on forest walks and opportunities for bird-watching. The other points of interest in the park are the tribal villages, particularly Mien and Hmong, and lowland ethnic minorities such as the Htin and Thai Lue.

There are few good roads or tourist facilities in the park. The more adventurous will be rewarded by an area relatively free of development.

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