Doi Inthanon National Park



Doi Inthanon National Park

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Doi Inthanon, at 8,400 ft (2,565 m), is the highest mountain in Thailand. It is located in the 105-sq mile (272-sq km) Doi Inthanon National Park, and, only 36 miles (58 km) from Chiang Mai, is a popular destination for one-day excursions. The park has many types of habitat and a wide range of mammals, such as leopard cats, pangolins, and flying squirrels. The area is also popular for bird-watching, being home to nearly 400 bird species, many from North Asia (including mountain hawk eagles and Eurasian woodcocks). Karen and Hmong peoples also live here. In contrast to the rest of Thailand, the climate on Doi Inthanon can be chilly, so visitors to the park are advised to take warm clothing.

Twin Chedis

This shrine is inside one of the twin chedis of Phra That Naphamataneedon, built for King Bhumibol’s 60th birthday

Spectacular View

Walkers on Doi Inthanon are treated to impressive views. On a clear day it is possible to see for many miles over the forested landscape.

Sphagnum Moss

Doi Inthanon’s cool climate allows plants such as mosses, ferns, and lichens to thrive. At the mountain’s summit, sphagnum mosses form a kind of bog, the only habitat of this kind in Thailand

Timber Beetle

For protection, this beetle’s markings ape the warning coloration of wasps. Its larvae are hatched in the trunks or branches of trees.


Wild orchids are in abundance on Doi Inthanon. On the higher slopes of the mountain, 8,200 ft (2,500 m) above sea level, pink and white orchids can be seen draped over the branches of evergreen trees.

White-Crested Laughing Thrush

This bird takes its name from its distinctive white crest. Its common habitat is the forest crowning the upper slopes of Doi Inthanon.

Hmong Tribespeople

The Hmong have been here since the 1890s. Their slash-and-burn agriculture has led to deforestation, but government programs to reduce this are now underway.

Mae Ya Waterfall

This is estimated to be the highest waterfall in the whole of Thailand. Falling over 820 ft (250 m), Mae Ya waterfall is also one of the most beautiful sights at Doi Inthanon.

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