Discovering Thailand



Discovering Thailand

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The following tours have been designed to cover the best areas for experiencing the many pleasures of Thailand while keeping long-distance travel to a minimum. The two-day tours introduce Thailand’s main cities, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Next, a one-week tour north from Chiang Mai introduces the rural and culturally diverse highlands. The country’s rich historical past is uncovered in a one-week tour of the capitals of four kingdoms that have flourished here, from the Sukhothai kingdom in the north, founded in the 13th century, to the current Chakri dynasty, which has ruled from Bangkok since 1782. A one-week itinerary in the northeast covers areas of both cultural interest and great natural beauty. Of course, no trip to Thailand is complete without sampling the country’s superb beaches and islands. The final two itineraries cover a week on the shores of the Eastern Seaboard (a short trip from Bangkok) and a week on the spectacular beaches of Southern Thailand. Follow and combine your favorite tours, or simply seek inspiration.

A Week in the Far North of Thailand

Raft the Mae Taeng River and trek through the jungle astride an elephant.

Enjoy a nature walk or visit sacred caves in Chiang Dao.

Sample fragrant Chinese tea, grown in the mountain-top village of Mae Salong.

Admire spectacular views from the temple of Wat Phra That Doi Tung.

Shop in the busy market of Mae Sai, where Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) meet..

Discover the history of the Golden Triangle at the fascinating House of Opium museum.

Gaze across the Mekong River from the historical town of Chiang Saen

Take in the elaborate woodcarvings of Wat Phra Kaeo in Chiang Rai.

Ancient Capitals of Thailand

Ancient Capitals of Thailand

Wander through the former splendor of Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam before Bangkok

Cycle through the majestic temples of Sukhothai, the first capital of Siam

Enjoy the little-visited splendor of the ancient city of Si Satchanalai

Delve into the history of the northern capital Chiang Mai, and visit the city’s many wats.

Thailand’s Southern Beaches

See the bright lights of Patong after dark, and enjoy a tranquil seafood dinner on the waterfront.

Cruise on a long-tail boat among the lime stone stacks and sea caves of Phangnga Bay

Watch the sun set at the Big Buddha statue on Bangrak beach

Wander through the historic streets of Phuket Town

Ride an elephant and explore Ko Samui’s interior jungles, mountains and caves.

A Week on the Eastern Seaboard

Find a slice of paradise on Ko Wai, one of numerous pristine islets south of Ko Chang

Walk the entire east coast of tiny Ko Samet, discovering each bay’s unique character.

Taste fresh spring rolls in the Vietnamese Quarter of Chanthaburi

Dive into dense jungle to reach Ko Chang’s Khlong Phlu waterfall

Snorkel over shipwrecks in Ao Sa Lak Phet.

A Week in Thailand’s Northeast

Enjoy incredible sweeping vistas from the summit of Phu Kradung National Park.

Sample superb wine from the vineyards of the Phu Rua National Park

Watch the world go by in the chic riverside cafés of Chiang Khan.

Visit breathtaking temples in Nong Khai

Tuck in to spicy local delicacies in Khorat, a city famous for its food

Explore two superb Khmer sites: the ruins at Prasat Hin Phimai, and the once-Hindu temple complex of Prasat Hin Khao Phnom Rung.


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