Chatuchak Market



Chatuchak Market

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Thailand’s biggest market is staged each weekend in a northern suburb of Bangkok, between the Northern Bus Terminal and Bangsu Railroad Station. It moved here in 1982 because it had outgrown its original site on Sanam Luang. This chaotic mass of more than 15,000 stalls occupies the space of over five football fields. It is always full of throngs of eager shoppers, many of whom spend a whole day browsing among the merchandise displays.

The huge variety of goods for sale ranges from seafood to antiques, and from Siamese fighting fish to secondhand jeans. The plant section offers a good introduction to Thai flora, while the food stalls display every conceivable ingredient of Thai food, fresh from the farm or the sea. The antique and hilltribe sections sell a good selection of artifacts and textiles, both fake and genuine, from all over Thailand and neighboring countries.

The market has been referred to as the “wildlife supermarket of the world,” due to the sale of some endangered species here, such as leaf monkeys. Despite efforts to stop this, it is still continuing.

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