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Ancient City

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Muang Boran, or “Ancient City,” is an outdoor cultural theme park financed and created in the early 1970s by the artloving philanthropic owner of Thailand’s largest MercedesBenz dealership.

The park makes a surprisingly worthwhile visit. The peaceful grounds, shaped roughly like Thailand itself, display numerous replicas of important monuments in Thailand as well as actual buildings and sculptures that have been restored to their former grandeur. Replicas are one third real size.

All the Thai art periods are represented, including a few mythical and literary ones such as at the Garden of Phra Aphaimani, inspired by a 19th-century verse play. Some of the buildings – for example the Sanphet Prasat Palace, which once stood near Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya– are reconstructions of monuments destroyed centuries ago in battle and so provide the only testaments to past glories.

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